About me

Hi there! I'm Eleanor Hébert (she/they), Montréal-based musician, composer, arranger, sound/voice designer, recording engineer and sometimes virtual instrument maker. I've been playing music for as long as I can remember, and I've been writing music for over 10 years. 

I studied composition and emerging music at Saint-Laurent college, and Jazz composition and arrangement at Université de Montréal, with a focus on music technology as well as ethnomusicology. My favourite styles to write are Jazz (fusion or otherwise), funk, and classical wind ensembles, but those are by no means the only ones I write! Check out my music and see for yourself.

I'm currently making music and SFX with Sweet Baby Inc on their upcoming game Recommendation Dog on the Playdate. Keep scrolling for a (mostly) full list of my previous credits and performances I've piled up over the years, and don't hesitate to contact me!


Video Games

  • Recommendation Dog (TBA) Sweet Baby/Panic - Playdate Console

    • Junior Composer​

    • Sound Designer

  • Erstwhile Tower (2019) TickTacTic/ISART Digital

    • Lead Audio​

    • Sound Designer

    • Sound Programmer

  • King of the Hook (2019) NAD/Poly Games -
    Creative Jam 13

    • Composer

    • Sound Designer

  • Brain Dead (2018) NAD/Poly Games - Ubisoft Creative Jam 12

    • Composer

    • Sound Designer

  • Hack N Seek (2017) ÉTS/UdeM - Ubisoft Montréal Game Lab Competiton

    • Composer

    • Sound Designer

  • Chompy (2014) Independent

    • Sound Designer

  • BrowserQuest (2013) Little Workshop/Mozilla

    • Composer











  • VSCO 2 (2016) Versilian Studios

  • Marimba (2015) Versilian Studios

  • Ðàn Trahn (2014) Versilian Studios

    • Co-Founder

    • Audio Consultant

    • Recording Engineer

    • Performer